SheTime Inc. Services

Eyelash Extensions

We specialize in Classic Eyelash Extensions and guess what, we don't count lashes! When you arrive you will review a menu to choose your eyelash style, then after your consultation you will begin! Please arrive without any makeup, like mascara, on your eyelashes. 

Teeth Whitening

Dull, yellow, or discolored teeth can have a negative impact on your self-confidence, and they can also affect the impressions you make on other people. Sure, everyone's teeth are going to discolor over time, but with teeth whitening from SheTime Inc., you can restore lost confidence and make great impressions everywhere you go.  

We use the SmileLabs brand, which uses a Peroxide-Based Whitening Gel specifically formulated photosensitive professional whitening bleach that delivers maximum brightness in the shortest time. 

Things to know: You do not have to brush your teeth rigorously before your appointment, as we will begin with a quick brush/polish. We provide coconut oil for your lips, but you can bring your own chap-stick if you'd like. Once you're setup, the actual treatment is 20-minutes. Once your session(s) is complete your teeth will continue to lift & whiten for the next 24-48 hours. 

Tooth Gems

How long does it last? 

Anywhere from 3-6 months up to 24 months.

Can I feel the gem on my tooth?

Initially something on your tooth will feel different, but a few days after the application you will get used to the new feeling.

Will the gem damage my tooth? 

No! The jewel is bonded to the enamel like a orthodontic bracket without any drilling or pain. 

Does the gem impede tooth brushing?

No, the presence of the gem will not make any difference regarding dental hygiene. However, it is recommended not to use an electric tooth brush.

Can I still have my teeth cleaned by my dentist/hygienist?

Yes, you can and should still have your teeth cleaned by a professional.  Gems will not cause a problem for the hygienist cleaning your teeth. The area underneath the jewel is sealed like a filling and will not let in any bacteria. The hygienist can easily polish on top and around the jewel with a soft point.

Keratin Lash Lifts & Color

What is a lash lift? It's like a perm (but without chemicals like parabens or formaldehyde), for your natural eyelashes. It uplifts and curls them from the base of the lash, making them stand out and look longer. It's often paired with an eyelash tint, to enhance the defining effect. Keratin Lash Lift is the safest and best solution, so we use it!

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening is able to treat a number of areas non-invasively, including: 

  • Skin Tags
  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Upper eyelids
  • Under eyelids
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Upper Lip
  • Lower Lip
  • Jowls
  • Neck
  • Tummy/belly button
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars

During the Skin Tightening treatment, an electric arc forms between the tip of the treatment handpiece and the patient’s skin. Through a process called sublimation—which turns a solid directly into gas—the targeted tissues are instantly tightened, without causing damage to surrounding areas or deeper skin layers. This tissue retraction and tightening gives results that are comparable to invasive surgery.

Usually, treatments last approximately one hour. The treatment is virtually painless, requires no anesthesia, and there are no cuts or blood. While the treatment device itself never touches the skin, the plasma flash creates a tiny dot (carbon crusts) upon contact. These superficial dots, which form in a symmetrical grid over the treatment area, are part of the normal healing process, and will fall off 5-7 days post-treatment. Patients can return to their normal activities right away with minimal discomfort.

Most patients achieve their desired results after just one treatment. However, depending on the area being treated, the skin’s laxity, and individual response to treatment, an additional treatment may be required after 6-8 weeks for maximum results. Most patients see results instantly, which continue to improve over the course of the following 8 weeks.

Is this procedure right for you?
Please carefully review our contraindications:

  • Clients should be in good health at the time of the appointment, with no preexisting health conditions. If the client displays signs of cold or flu the treatment should be rescheduled.
  • Clients skin should not be inflamed in the area we are treating prior to procedure.
  • Clients prone to keloid scars are not ideal candidates.
  • Clients with diabetes, healing disorders or lymphatic draining issues should not undergo treatment.
  • Clients with a sunburn/sun tan should postpone treatment.
  • Clients who have a history of Hyperpigmentation are not ideal candidates.
  • Clients must not display any tanning at the time of the treatment. 
  • Clients must not display Herpes Simplex Virus (Cold sores/Fever blisters).
  • Not for clients with pace makers.
  • Not for clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  ​